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The Survival Project e-book will be available in several formats so no one will be left out. As with the paper copy the e-book will be updated also.

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The Survival Project
Proud Vet, Patriot, Survivalist, and writer of The Survival Project. The Survival Project is guide to everything you need to know to survive.
  • Thanks for shout out! https://t.co/1Ap1Sd81VW
  • Looks like that would be a lot of fun to shoot.
  • Good morning twitter sorry that I have been absent for a bit, that is changing starting now.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

TSP Phone App

The Survival Project Phone App will have a complete version of the book, with updates and also featuring games that will help you learn the art of survival.

TSP Product Updates

The Survival Project for kindle is available!

Paperback version of The Survival Project is now available!

Android App
The app work is underway, will update one we have more news available.

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