About Chris

A little more about me.

For most of my life I have worked in the engineering fields, mostly aviation related. I am a veteran that has served honorably and love the fact that I did. True vets don’t need thanks for our service, we did for the love of our country!

I was a government/military contractor, aircraft engineer and aircraft mechanic. This job has taken me to some of the more dangerous places in the world, mostly warzone and war torn countries. I have received more training under these jobs than you could imagine, sometimes I think I have trained more than actually worked in the field. My training jackets fill about 3 shoe boxes from my government/military contracting days.

I have travelled to over 70 countries and counting. Some nice countries and great times, but a lot of shitty ones too!

Today I live in Bangor, Maine. This is a sleepy little town in the northeastern USA. From here I have ventured into writing, teaching survival/prepping, and as an aviation consultant. I have lectured and talked to military groups and civilians internationally on the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

My hobbies are watching pretty any form of auto racing, hunting, camping/fishing, hiking, finding new survival tools + techniques, making wooden furniture, and what I’m doing right now sitting in front of the computer and writing.

Thanks, for taking the time to look at what I put together here.


I am available for interviews, lectures, workshops, on anything related to survival/prepping, along with analysis of geopolitics, and aviation related issues. Please use the contact page and I will get back to ASAP.

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  1. Brian says:

    “True vets don’t need thanks for our service”…but we thank you any way.

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