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Disaster Planning or Planning A Disaster?

Disaster planning can only become effective if there is unity in an organization’s disaster management team. It is said to be the core of the company’s survival in case of crisis, a school’s first aid during an emergency or the

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Wilderness Survival Tips From A Former Homeless Person

The definition of “wilderness” varies from person to person.  But, whether you are in the city or in the jungle, “wilderness” is where you are alone against whatever surroundings you find yourself stranded in.  When I was homeless in England,

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Start Your Family’s Emergency Preparedness Program

Is your family prepared for the worst days? You don’t have to wait for the nightmare to come true for you to learn how to prepare for emergency. Right now, you can actually grab a pen and paper, sit with

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Disaster Preparedness Tips

Disaster can strike anytime. And worse is if it strikes you and your family, the damages could be overwhelming. Emergency plans and effective disaster management is just some of the best ways you can prepare your folks from the worst

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