The Survival Project Update August 2nd

Well writing on The Survival Project continues, the amount of progress made in the last month has been amazing! Have also been going through and editing when I have time. Never enough time. This month finished a great section on navigating using a map and compass, this was written for people who have never used a compass before. Also began a section on using nature to navigate for daytime and nighttime.

I was asked when will the book be done, I’m shooting for the Dec/Jan time frame to be safe. It will be done when it’s done! I’m working really hard to stay on track without adding or dropping any topics, sometimes its hard to do. The only goal is to supply a complete book that we be useful to everyone.

We have started illustrations and everything is looking great so far. Cover will be updated once illustrations are done.

Thank you for all the comments and support, we need this it helps use keep going.

Take care and stay safe survivors!



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