The Survival Project Update Dec. 13

Well the end is finally in site.  The book is going through editing, re-writes, and then will be formatted for print. I hope to have more information next week on when all this will be completed. Here is the lowdown on what being done ( book editing/book formatting, formatting for kindle, android book version is being completed, Android based Survival Project quiz game is in work). There probably is more that I forgot, but there is a lot going on here. I keep getting asked for a release date and the short answer is soon, I’ll let you know once we have everything sorted out.

I will be taking some time off for Christmas and then I’ll be back to work here. I will pop in here when I have a chance and on twitter for more updates.

After writing this book I have received a lot of questions and support from a lot of people worldwide. I  cant say thank you enough, even though sometimes it was over whelming to my email box.

I also have the planning stages of a new series of writing covering “Survivalist/Prepper’s guide to canning food.”  Food storage and proper preservation is one of the most important subjects that seems to get avoided by a lot of people today. So I figured that I should try to cover it in depth.

Thanks for reading and the support!


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