The Survival Project Update July 17

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give another update about the progress being made over the last couple weeks.

I have started drawing out an animal track identification guide, which I think will make a great key to finding out what tracks your see in the wilderness or even your backyard. This is something everyone should have some basic knowledge on and this will help you learn the tracks with ease.

I have also started a lot of work in the self defense section of the book, I will be out talking to some more experts for their point of views once I have a little bit more  material put together.

It doesn’t look like were going to get the funding we needed, but we live and learn. I have nothing but a head full of confidence and we are pushing ahead full speed and still hoping for an end of year release or sooner, but with that being said we have to put the app on hold for not while we concentrate on the book.

Thanks for taking the time to come by, your support is very much appreciated!




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