The Survival Project


What is The Survival Project?

The Survival Project is more than a book and e-book, it is also a phone app and this website that helps bring the community together!

I felt compelled to start writing this book a few years ago, while living overseas, as I began keeping notes about what to do if something bad happened in an area that I was in. I felt trapped not knowing the language very well and I thought to myself what would I do if some sort of disaster happened? (The book’s format is taken directly from the notebook that I created back then).

So I began learn more of the language as I should of from the start, but at the same time I began learning more and more techniques that would keep me safe. I started remembering what I had learned in boot camp and military training that I have forgot over the years.

I began a short newsletter to help some of the people that lived in my area and then the great idea finally came me, so I started working on this book.

My time overseas was over and I departed with a heavy heart, but I knew that I really wanted to get back to my book. I knew one thing, that I didn’t want to create a normal paperback book.

My Idea for the book
I want to create a book that will be usable for years to come, by creating a book that covers a little about everything we should all need to know and that can be edited as needed. So I came up with the idea for making the book contained in a three ring binder that has separated sections, an e-book, and also a companion android based phone application.

I have been asked many time why don’t I just create a website and put all the information on it, that’s a great idea, but not practical if the grid goes down.

Note: Originally I wanted this book to be completed in the form of a three binder as of today (October 29, 2014) I’m not sure if this will ever happen just because of the costs. I might release some limited copies this way, but it is starting to look more like paperback is the best solution for now.

What’s in the book!

Table of Contents


Welcome to the new world

Section 1 Emergency and First Aid Packs

1-1 Introduction to Emergency Pack

1-1a Basic Emergency pack

1-2The First Aid Pack Introduction

1-2a First Aid Basic kit

 Section 2 Basic First Aid

2-1 Introduction to First Aid

2-2 Clearing an obstructed airway

2-3 Cuts and scrapes

2-4 Caring for deeper wounds

2-5 Deep stomach wounds

2-6 Infected Wounds

2-7 Gangrene

2-8 Burns

2-9 Loss of Consciousness

2-10 Fever

2-11 Shock

2-12 Animal Bites

2-12a Rabies

2-12b Snake Bites

2-12c Spider Bites

2-13 Insect Bites

2-14 Heat and Cold Injuries

2-14a Heat Injuries

2-14b Cold Injuries

2-15 Fractures

2-16 Sprains

2-17 Strains

2-18 Dislocations

Section 3 Food and Water

3-1 Food

3-1a Food Preservation (Drying, Canning, Freezing, Smoking, Freeze-Drying)

3-1b Food Storage

3-1c Foraging

3-1d Food Preparation

3-2 Water

3-2a Finding Water

3-2b Water Purification

3-2c Water Filtration

3-2d Water Storage

Section 4 Defending Yourself

4-1 Basic Self Defense

4-2 Improvised Weapons

4-3 Concealment (The art of not being seen)

Section 5 Hunting and Trapping

5-1 Primitive Hunting

5-2 Trapping

 Section 6 Basic Navigation

6-1 Map Reading

6-2 Using a Compass

6-3 Using Nature to Navigate

 Section 7 Survival Basics

7-1 Fire

7-2 Survival Tools

7-3 Knots

7-4 Bartering

7-5 Signals

Section 8 Survival in the Wilderness

The birds are chirping and foliage is thick looks like a great day!

8-1 Lost in the woods

Section 9 Survival in the Desert

Just because you have sand between your toes, doesn’t mean you are on the beach.

9-1 Lost in the Desert

9-2 Other Desert Weirdness

 Section 10 Water Survival

10-1 Improvised floatation device

10-2 Ocean Survival

10-3 Cold Water Survival

10-4 Shark attack

Section 11 Survival in the winter

Cold and alone!

11-1 Lost in the winter

Section 12 (NBC) Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

12-1 Nuclear

12-2 Dirty bombs

12-3 Biological

12-4 Chemical

12-5 EMP bomb (Electromagnetic Pulse)

Section 13 Hijacking

Dealing with Hijackers

13-1 Dealing with Hijackers

13-2 Fighting Back

Section 14 Plane Crash

Brace for impact!

14-1 Surviving a plane crash

 Section 15 Zombies?

The living dead really?

15-1 History of Zombies

15-2 The Zombie Pandemic

Final Thoughts



Now there is room for more and we will support and update everything as we can or as new information becomes available. The goal of this page is to allow purchasers of The Survival Project to talk, band together, and suggest updates as well.

As it is right now the book is not for sale yet. We will post when the Pre-order is out and when we release this for good. As it is right now we are looking for first quarter 2015.

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